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In the first week of January 2019, we will open our first point of sale in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Gestoy in this way, wants to bring technology to all users and can understand our platform, from the point of having it in their hands and have us present to explain all the necessary points.

After having been present at fairs-first-line events nationwide in 2018, such as STARTUP-OLE, BIZ BARCELONA, DESS MADRID, … ..we realized that for a lot of information you put on paper and try to explain to the Possible stakeholders, if they do not see it or touch it, you can not make a real idea of ​​what Gestoy can do for their companies.

It is for all this that it was decided to open our first direct point of sale of the Showroom type together with the market launch of a first version already completed.

This space is dedicated to simulating different business environments such as an office, a warehouse or a store, which from a fixed location on the ground, can observe how our application interacts from all points of view (businessman-worker-client) when we perform any action or request, from any type of profile.

It is the only way we have understood, so that any person, from a single click, see the full potential of the application.

We hope you like everyone who can visit us, this turns out to be the first package we launched from Gestoy to the market after 15 months of development by a team of 8 engineers of our own and that we will be expanding in the coming weeks with many new features and really very interesting with related topics of the world RETAIL, IOT, LIVESTOCK, AGRICULTURE, …….

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